About the Photographer


My Background

I am Nat Fleming, the photographer behind the lens at Redefining Images.

I casually took pictures of my adventures as a child, never thinking that it would become a passion later in life. As happens to many, the passion was discovered while processing grief. It was then that the urge to capture beautiful moments in time, forever, was thrust into high gear. 


My Photographic Experiences

As a travel photographer, I spent time documenting travels in some fantastic places in North and South America. The highlight of my travels was shooting alongside National Geographic photographers in the Galapagos Islands. 

I am currently creating images for Light on the Surface: A Collection of Shadows & Reflections. The "cream of the crop" will then be exhibited in the Greater Portland area. These images demonstrate the relation of light to objects, in a variety of conditions, in ways that create interesting compositions that wow the eye.


Flash Forward

I actively pursue new images and will be updating the page with new content for your enjoyment, occasionally exhibiting images by theme. 

Check back often, and please, enjoy perusing my images! 

If you need one of these images in your home or office, let me know. Images can be printed onto a variety of materials, from paper to pillow. Contact me with any questions, or for more information, by sending me a message below.

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